Do a mid-year checkup on your New Year's Resolutions

Do a mid-year checkup on your New Year’s Resolutions
By Brad Trupp © 2009

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It appears that most New Year’s resolutions can be summarized by these 10 choices.

How many of these were on your list this year?

How many did you succeed at?

Forming New Habits

Studies have shown that it takes about 60 days for a human to form a long-term habit.

Unfortunately. many give up after only a few weeks. We want instant-gratification NOW and we want quick results.

The best way is too break up any new habit into smaller steps and keep records. With records, you can measure your progress regularly and motivate yourself to keep going.

For example – Get in Shape – you do not want to exercise one hour per day, every day, right from day 1.

Start with 5 or 10 or 15 minutes every two days. it may not even seem like enough initially but you are forming habits.

Increase the time or duration every week or every other week until you hit your goal… and keep going.

Remember to record your activity… and do not stop.

Be positive. Learn to say “I exercised 4 times this week already” – not “I missed 3 days in a row… I am doomed…”.

Finding the time

One of the obstacles we face in trying to adopt new habits into our lives is that we simply that we do not seem to have the time to do so.

You may have to make some changes to find the time.

For example –

Better Behaviour

Some habits like eating healthier may require no extra time, just some thought.

For example, having green tea instead of coffee in the afternoon. Same time. Different beverage. One step closer to your desired results.

Another example is ordering a salad with lunch instead of fries. You have to remember to make the effort.

Again, remember to record your decisions in a daily journal so you know you are making a positive effort to change and to reinforce the change.