Unleashing the Hidden Potential in Your Business

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One of the greatest challenges facing you as an entrepreneur today is how to find innovation and grow your business.

Here are some key ways to help unleash the hidden potential in your business:

1) Think two generations ahead.

Think about your company 25, 50, or even 100 years from now – even if you do not foresee your product or services lasting that long. Such reflection helps to create an framework under which long-term innovation can occur.

2) Develop a creative toolbox.

Creativity drives change and innovation. Add innovative routines and exercises in the workplace to stimulate aspects of your employee’s personality and their skill sets.

3) Increase energy, not just efficiency.

Do an energy audit. try to understand what energizes your staff and what fuels their personal growth. These are sources for their creativity and your profit. Try to reduce activities that de-energize your team and match your employees to activities that stimulate their creativity.

4) Establish the freedom to innovate.

Tap into your employee’s intuitive side by allowing ingenuity time on the job. Also, enable your employees to volunteer for community projects and social events – to round out their work-life balance in meaningful ways.

5) Take responsibility when solving problems

Always assume personal responsibility by asking what your role is in creating any problem. As an effective leader, you must tackle your own fear of failure head-on and you must be accountable at all times.